Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Magazine Oct. 10


intherosegarden said...

This is amazing! Whats the process you go through to make these? Are they all graphic designs? Or drawn on paper first?
Love love love them!!

rikke said...

Thanks for you sweet comment.
It's ink on paper, scanned...simple!


Edina MN Realty said...

Wow great work,you are very artistic.It's so amazing.

alex said...

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jomy said...

Oh!This is so beautiful. Is it the software AI you use? Sometime i really cant use AI well to make some good effect.

rikke said...

Thanks Jomy, no it's all hand drawn. R

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simply wonderful!
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Diamond said...
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Carlos White said...

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buy eve account said...

WoW!absolutely wonderful.=D

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Maddie said...

This is amazing! I'm an artist as well, but I could never do anything like this from nothing!

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